Where's your PR at?

A personalised marketing review and plan to take you forward.

Is your marketing working?

A personalised marketing review and plan to take you forward.

Spend a couple of hours with me…

I’ll find out all about your business, your past and current marketing activity, your future aims and create your mini marketing plan. There will be ‘quick wins’ for you in there, along with more strategic ideas for the future.
The assessment can also be used by start-ups or businesses who haven’t done any marketing and PR, to create a plan of what’s needed in the short and long-term.

You should book in for my assessment if:

  • You wish you had someone to help with your PR & marketing but don’t want a contracted staff member.
  • You did all your marketing when you launched your business but now want to refine and polish it.
  • You want some fresh ideas from someone experienced.
  • You often think there must be more you can do with your marketing but don’t know what to do.
  • You would like someone to come in, review all your PR & marketing and give you a really great plan to take you forward.
  • You would like your competitors to think ‘wow – they’re doing well, they can afford some great PR & marketing’.
  • You want affordable, effective, planned and strategic marketing.
Ask about our 'Where's your PR at?' assessments
Where's your PR at?

Book in for my 'Where's your PR at?' assessment.

I’ll also support you over the phone for up to 4 weeks after we meet, just to help you start work and get the ball rolling.

A great investment, to find out where you are and where you need to go next with your marketing.


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