Good PR enhances, protects and and builds your personal or business reputation to the people you need to be in front of, be credible to and trusted by.

Targeted and well-written PR grabs the attention of new customers and journalists, building your reputation and getting you noticed.

Rely on us to write a fabulous press release with a strong intro to hook people in and put your business on their radar. First, we find a great angle, then we source a stunning image, with great coverage to follow.

Where’s your PR at?

We know how to make your PR and marketing work for you.

Our unique Where’s your PR at? assessment will clarify what’s working, what’s not and give you a mini plan for the months ahead.

Not one whiff of marketing lingo and jargon – just plain English so you have a clear idea how to improve your website, social media, bring your branding together and see results.

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Sarah has over 20 years experience in PR and journalism

Consistent PR & marketing works

Committing to regular social media posts, website news stories, editorial features, updating your website, writing blogs and all the rest of it is hard when PR & marketing isn’t your skill set.

Consistent messaging and regular communications are key to keeping you and your business seen, heard and remembered.

We have two options for you – to take the pain of PR away each month!

Your Monthly PR & Marketing Package:

We will agree a budget, what we want to do and Izzy PR will execute it all for you – on time, every time.

£ – Fees are bespoke to each client depending on level of help required and budget available.

Your Monthly Support Plan:

We can meet with you once a month to plan ahead for the next month, or if you’re really organised, a few months in advance.

We help you to decide what you need to do each month – blogging and what topics, social media content and when to post, networking to go to, editorials to consider, website to update, newsletters to send out – and you get on with the work, with us keeping in touch to make sure you’re getting on OK.

It’s a more cost-effective way of managing your PR & marketing and once you have a plan, you will find it easier to execute it.

£250 per month 

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