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Monthly Marketing Meeting

My monthly Your Marketing Support Plan is perfect if you’re not in a position to commit to a retainer.

We’ll meet once a month for two hours, to identify some golden marketing opportunities and formulate a marketing plan for the following month and also a look at the months ahead too.
This could include social media content, website updates, news, blogs, events to attend, networking and PR opportunities and editorials.

We’ll fill in the monthly plan together and then you’ll make it all happen – you’ll know what to do, when and how.

You can replace the ‘scattergun’ approach with slick, professional and timely marketing – your competitors will be left wondering what your secret is and how you’re doing it all!


Marketing Assessment

We know how to make your PR and marketing work for you.

Our unique Where’s your PR at? assessment will clarify what’s working, what’s not and give you a mini plan for the months ahead.

Not one whiff of marketing lingo and jargon – just plain English so you have a clear idea how to improve your website, social media, bring your branding together and see results.

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LinkedIn update:

Is your LinkedIn up-to-date or does it require attention? An updated profile that’s used well can do wonders for your personal branding and online marketing. You wouldn’t give out a half-written business card or turn up to networking in your tracksuit (PTs exempt!) so why leave your online business profile unfinished?
We have two options for you:

Face-to-face session:
We’ll meet, update it together and you’ll also find out some top tips and handy hints to run your profile in the future.

Remote session:
We can have a phone call or use email to get the information we need to update your profile.

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