Attending an event organised for one of Sarah’s clients, I was impressed at how well everything ran. The event was a party for a commercial client, and the client’s customer base was invited.
These were mainly families and to ensure that the children were accommodated, there were activities that catered for the very young (a few months old) to 11 year olds.
Face painting, bouncy castle, children’s entertainer and a photo booth were all available to the guests in a local venue with a room large enough to fit all these elements in, as well as the guests and catering. Attendance was high and everyone enjoyed the event.

With so many aspects to organise, it could have been a very different outcome without Sarah’s strong organisational and management skills.

My role was the photographer capturing shots of happy people enjoying the hospitality. It was made so much easier because I had a strong brief from Sarah on photographs required as well as how the images were likely to be used.

Pete Bresser – photographer