Attending an event organised for one of Sarah’s clients, I was impressed at how well everything ran. The event was a party for a commercial client, and the client’s customer base was invited.
These were mainly families and to ensure that the children were accommodated, there were activities that catered for the very young (a few months old) to 11 year olds.
Face painting, bouncy castle, children’s entertainer and a photo booth were all available to the guests in a local venue with a room large enough to fit all these elements in, as well as the guests and catering. Attendance was high and everyone enjoyed the event.

With so many aspects to organise, it could have been a very different outcome without Sarah’s strong organisational and management skills.

My role was the photographer capturing shots of happy people enjoying the hospitality. It was made so much easier because I had a strong brief from Sarah on photographs required as well as how the images were likely to be used.

Pete Bresser – photographer

“Strong organisational and management skills for a corporate event.”

Being a small business owner I often come into contact with other businesses and professionals, especially during networking meetings and on the whole each and every one has had a positive outcome. Naturally there are concerns on how much we spend on services or promotions and of course the results can not always be proven.
When I met Sarah I knew straight away that we could work together, have fun doing it and get great results.
I am very pleased with the work she carried out for my website and social media. Sarah has given me new and fresh ideas and how to implement them. Website traffic, social media engagement and new clients are all up. I am looking forward to our next projects together.

Don’t hesitate or overthink it. Head to her site and send her message. You will only regret not doing it sooner.

Paul Wren
Control & Change

“Very pleased with the work carried out for my website and social media.”

As a small, busy charity with a small number of mostly part-time (and clinical) staff Holding On Letting Go was struggling to maintain a successful presence in mainstream, industry and social media. Sarah came on board to review where we were with our PR work and came up with manageable and cost-effective solutions.
We have been working together for several years now and the profile of the charity has grown dramatically with us achieving much wider local, national (and on occasions) international coverage. We also have a pro-active plan which allows flexibility to cope with all the “awareness days” and events that seem to endlessly pop up!
She also led on our new website – a huge project.
I can highly recommend Sarah and Izzy PR for all your PR needs.

Caroline Ford
CEO – Holding On Letting Go

“The profile of the charity has grown dramatically.”

It’s rare to happen upon a talent like Sarah Hawes, who is a likable and energetic professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah for many years, and find her relatable and efficient.
We are delighted to have Sarah from Izzy PR as a Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce member. I’m impressed with Sarah’s ability to be flexible to our other members’ needs, even with the toughest of challenges. This skill often takes years to perfect and comes naturally to her.

Kaz Macklin
Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

“Relatable and efficient.”

I’ve worked with Sarah several times and she’s always impressed with her honest and responsive approach.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for PR support.

Harry Dance
Marketing Director

“Honest and responsive approach.”

Sarah is a very experienced journalist with a confidence that leaves you feeling reassured that she will deliver what she sets out to do.
She is a truly inspiring person who motivates and brings out the best in others.
Having worked on and off with Sarah for a number of years, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to support you

Trevel Henry
Worldly Wise

“A very experienced journalist.”

Sarah is not only a very talented marketeer and PR advisor, her affable nature means working with her on any piece of work is a pleasure. I cannot recommend Sarah enough.

Neal Curran
Drone operator

“Cannot recommend enough.”

It’s been fantastic working with Sarah – she really understands my business and what I want to achieve.
She, with her brilliant team, have provided my business with consistent marketing for blogs, LinkedIn posts, email – doing more than I thought possible.
I would highly recommend Sarah and Izzy PR.

Judith Andrews
Business Tamer

“I would highly recommend Sarah and Izzy PR.”

Sarah is an excellent professional and brilliant at taking on any task requested, while always looking to deliver more value where possible.

Alex Jones
Home Digital

“An excellent professional.”

It’s been great working with Sarah at Izzy PR. Sarah is friendly, very professional and has creative ideas in how to promote your business.
Not only has Sarah provided an outstanding service she is also very interested and supportive in your business objectives.

Stuart Skinner
Independent education consultant

“Outstanding service”