Copywriting & Proofreading

The devil really is in the detail and we’ve all spent more time than we’d like to admit, writing, editing and proofreading.

We can’t walk past a sign without checking it, a menu will be scanned for mistakes and don’t get us started on missing Valentine’s Day apostrophes on pub chalk boards every February, or tomatoe’s (arghhh!) on market stalls!

We can help with content for your website, leaflets, promotional materials, blogs, editorial for features or advertising, press releases, business profiles and even industry award entries.
We also work with authors, and have the lovely job of curling up with their manuscript to proof their books, then seeing them in print once it’s all done.

The art of advertising

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

Advertising should be smart, accountable and targeted – but most importantly, it needs to work for you. We’ll work with you to build a campaign message which is simple, memorable and will capture the attention of your target audience.

We’ve written many advertising features throughout our years and will choose publications with your target audience to get your advertising seen by the right people, in the right place at the right time.

We can also help you get what you need for the best price and will work with you to decide how best to spend your advertising budget. We’ll book any space with the relevant media and see the job through from start to finish.

Share news with your staff

Is there some news that you need to share with staff?
Successful internal communication with colleagues is key to a happy, informed workforce.
We know how to get any message communicated in the best way, leaving you free to concentrate on business as usual.
Internal Communications is especially useful and effective for split-site organisations, larger organisations or where departments don’t naturally overlap.
People love to know about people – even the ones they work with, so sharing some company and staff news can go a long way in bringing a workforce together through the power of words!

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