Izzy PR

PR & Marketing Consultancy

I work with a number of trusted freelancers who can offer further services on top of mine, to provide a full PR & Marketing package.
Please let me know if you would like to be put in touch with them. I have worked with them over many years, built trusted relationships with them and know they are reliable!

Whether you would like portrait shots for your social media and marketing, product shots or library photos that you just can’t get online, I have a couple of hand-picked and trusted photographers I work with who I can recommend.

Usually, photography and marketing go hand in hand and I can liaise with my photographers to create and work with a structured and clear brief ensuring you get the shots you would like first time without any problems.

If you just want a great recommendation for trusted, reliable, well-trained, reasonably priced and friendly photographers, just get in touch.



One client who has used both of the photographers I work with and recommend is KTB Kids, a children’s nursery in Dartford, Kent. Their director booked two photo shoots (a year apart) to showcase the nursery and then to show developments. Having produced a clear brief, my photographers went to meet with her to work through the brief, creating a library of images she is very pleased with which she uses for marketing materials and social media.


Graphic Design:
PR & Marketing inevitably involves graphic design – business cards, leaflets, brochures, posters, social media, logo design and branding.
If you want a unique look, creativity and a designer who works quickly and to your brief, I have the perfect one.
I have worked with her for many years and have never been let down by her – I and my clients have always been delighted with her bespoke designs. 


Video Production:
Videos are the way social media and advertising are going in the future. Still images will be a thing of the past over the next few years, with ‘rich media’ taking over.
And if you haven’t got someone on your books to create your business’s video library, you need to be in touch with my guy.
He can work with existing material to refresh it, as he did with KTB Kids.
Or, he can shoot original material having met with you to discuss your requirements, ideas and plans of how you’d like to use it, to create a robust brilliant storyboard.
I also have someone I work with who can give you a few tips on how to present to camera. She’s a former broadcast journalist so knows her stuff!


Media Training:
If you’d like to take part in media interviews but haven’t ever done it, my training guy is perfect for you. He can work with complete beginners to give you the confidence to interview with broadcast media either live or pre-record on TV, radio or online.
He can also work with you to hone your skills, improve how you come across and give you some great tips picked up from his own career in the media in front and behind the camera.
It’s also worth having his number in case your company ever has a media crisis – when a journalist gets hold of a story that can negatively affect the business’s reputation. Call on me for your Crisis Communications and if you need to do media interviews, he will get you ready to speak, face the questions and teach you how to answer only what you need to and want to, avoiding the situation getting any worse. 


I have used many printers throughout my career but have recently undertaken a procurement exercise, narrowing down the best and cheapest printer for the most popular print jobs my clients require. It’s not just about price – it’s about the quality of paper used, the service and sometimes, the ability to fulfil a rush job!
I only work with printers who I have built a relationship with and can turn to for the best quality print job delivered easily and within deadlines.
I’m working with everyday printers and also specialist ones who can create some truly outstanding print materials for your company.