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Healthy kids in Dartford given a gold award


Media release: Wednesday October 20th

KTB Kids in Dartford has won a prestigious award showing the high standard of food served to the children.

It’s taken 10 months for the nursery to work towards the Food for Life Catering Mark and after an inspection earlier this month, KTB Kids Director Katie Ballard got the news she was hoping for – a Gold Standard award.
She said: “We’ve been awarded the highest award for our achievements to meet the standards and are so pleased.
“It has been hard work, it has taken a lot of effort but when you are shaping the future eating habits of children, it’s so important.

“Parents send their children to KTB Kids for a stimulating and educational environment and now they are assured that what their children eat with us is absolutely top quality and nutritional.”
The Gold Standard looks at where food is sourced, how it is produced and acknowledges that Gold Standard holders such as KTB Kids address issues of health, climate change and animal welfare.

The inspector said in their report: “A very comprehensive menu system with a full recipe book available to parents, detailing all the meals and snacks they may be served. What the children eat is very high in importance on the overall package for the nursery.”

There is a growing awareness of the link between good food, health, academic attainment and the environment.

Gold Standards are assessed on a points system. The nursery was rewarded for every percentage point of their ingredient spend on ethical and environmentally-friendly food, locally sourced ingredients and steps to offer healthier menus.
KTB Kids spends 37% of the overall food bill on organic ingredients, above the 15% benchmark for the award. It also required 75% of meals be freshly prepared and at KTB Kids, 97% are.

Katie added: “This award is testimony to the high quality food served from our kitchen and we are very proud of the achievement.”
The Catering Mark is sponsored by The Soil Association.

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