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The PR Crowd - one week to go...book today 

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Kent’s only networking group for PR professionals launches in just a week’s time…!
If your name’s not down, you can still come in, but we’d really like to know in advance who is coming!

Wednesday May 1st, 10am – noon at Brands Hatch – book your free place now!

The PR Crowd was created from a thought I had a few months ago, to plug the gap in our industry for easy collaboration and swaps of skills and knowledge.
I started chatting with another PR and with the help and support of Jodi Eeles from Floresco Communications, The PR Crowd is now about to happen!

Whether you’re working as a larger marketing team, in silo for a small firm or as a freelancer, having a go-to group of professionals for help and advice, contacts and skills will be a real boost to an already thriving Kent PR scene!

For the larger agencies in The PR Crowd, you may at some stage need some freelance help. When you're busy, to help with holiday cover, take on jobs that are just too small for you or for work that needs a specialist PR for food, tech or beauty for example. You may be able to find them within The PR Crowd.

For the solo consultants, you might have work that you just can't take on alone - and it can be referred to your new agency friends.
You may also have aspects of projects that you need help with from a larger agency because you can't do it all and can do a better job for your client with their input.

It's all about collaboration to give our clients the best service from people with the right skills for the job.

Here are a few ideas around how we can help each other as we build The PR Crowd.

  • Who can I ask for help with a headline that won't come?
  • What's the intro for this press release?
  • I need a venue in Folkestone but I'm not familiar with the area
  • I'm after a supplier for XYZ and don't have any contacts
  • I'd like to speak with ABC and need an introduction
  • Is everything in this marketing plan or have I missed out something obvious?!
  • I wish someone could give me a quick proofread!
  • Who's got a contact at a particular publication?
  • Where can I get good rates for my client for something?
  • Who's got a media list for Essex? (for example - other areas are available!)

The group is launching on Wednesday May 1st at the iconic Brands Hatch Circuit, from 10am – noon.
Join us for hot drinks and biscuits – and meet some of Kent’s PR Crowd!

It’s free – so please book on so we know who to expect on the day. We’ll be in one of the trackside hospitality suites, so fingers crossed for a sunny day!

We’ll have a short talk about motivation from Bella O’Hara from Feel Great 2 B Productive – she’ll be giving us some quick mindset switches to help us on those harder days, when we’re with a tricky client, just can’t get sorted for the day or are beating ourselves up about something.

You’ll hear background music from Kent composer Michael Coltham – who has put together a compilation especially for us.

With thanks also to our sponsor Gary Johnson at Racing Events Info for providing such a wonderful venue and also to Paul Woodger at Mivvy Creative who has created all of our wonderful branding.

Share with PR friends and book your place today