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How does your LinkedIn look?


I’ve added a new ‘quick service’ to my offerings – and it’s to help you use this fabulous self-marketing tool.

Business decision-makers are on there, key people find out about you on there, it’s being used 50% more year on year and really is your online CV plus door opener to new business.

I know it’s worked for me and it will for you too – but only if you’ve got a great profile that’s current, clear and looks good! There are also lots of sneaky ‘back end’ bits to fill in that I do for all of my clients to help with search and look too.

Take a look at what I’ve done for Hall & Costello recently – I’ve uniformed all of their profiles and made them look good but work well too!


It’s £100 for a LinkedIn refresh – and we do it together, somewhere comfy in two hours.

Get in touch if you’d like to book in!