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An invite to all professional PRs/Comms and Media Officers!!

PR group

It occurred to me towards the end of last year that there is no networking solely for PR/Comms/Marketing/Press Office professionals, yet when I’ve had conversations about it with people they’ve all said the same thing, and that is, how wonderful it would be!

So I’m taking action and will be launching a networking group specifically for us!

I know there are many of us beavering away on our PR work and to have a friendly group on-hand to help with a headline that won’t come, a story that won’t write itself or ideas to help put a fantastic marketing plan together, I thought might be quite nice!

Contract or freelance – everybody is welcome!

I’ll also create a Facebook group where we can communicate in-between meetings to give a bit of support in what can be a bit of a silo-type job at times!

I’ve been there in past jobs where I’m the only PR or Marketing person and you never want to go to the Ch Exec etc with some copy you’re not sure of…no way!

I’ll build the group to be supportive and helpful – but I need your help now to get the word out!

I’ve got a fabulous venue in mind – to be confirmed over a cup of tea in the next few weeks and will be keeping it to a couple of hours’ tea, coffee and cake affair, a few times a year.

I’ve put the feelers out already to a few of my colleagues out there but am aware I haven’t reached you all yet, so do let me know if you’d be interested in receiving more information. Please do also share with others too - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.