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Editorial coverage for Prep That Fish

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Writing and sending out press releases isn't as easy as it sounds...there's a bit more to it than just firing off the email and hoping for coverage and that's how I got these two pieces of editorial published for my client recently.

Having been a journalst for 18 years, I have a good idea of what to write and how to write it to stand a good chance of getting it published.

And this is how I gained some coverage for my client Prep That Fish recently - in the Gravesend Messenger and Kent Life magazine.

I started my journalism career at the Gravesend Messenger, so know their style of writing - usually, my media releases appear with only minr changes to them, because I can step back into their house style and write how they write.

For the Kent Life piece, I have known the editor for a long time, regularly keeping in touch to find out what she has planned and how I can fit my client news in - it's not just hit and miss!

When I write a press release, I research for the content, add all of the relevant information in, then match it to the best media outlets, again through research. It's then a nurturing game - getting to know the various journalists and news desks to ensure I'm sending them something they wil be interested in.

If you're looking for well-written editorial that stands a chance of making it past the editor's spike tray, please do give me a call for an initial chat.