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PR disaster – how Roxanne’s Pallett comeback went so wrong


For those of you who don’t know, Roxanne Pallett is a TV soap actress, who recently went into the Celebrity Big Brother House.
She ended up in a huge media storm after accusing another housemate of attacking her, using domestic abuse language and references to describe it.
It's probably the biggest PR disaster this year so far...

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How to get PR from Twitter


I was recently featured in a national newspaper and people keep asking me how – and I’ll tell you, because ­it was so easy!

I searched #journorequest on Twitter, found a tweet from a journalist and replied. That’s it!
She was looking for people who were going on holiday in the next few weeks and were up for being scanned before and after – and so I replied, started a conversation, we got on the phone and we had it all booked up within about two days. What I didn’t know, was that I’d also spend a Saturday afternoon with a make-up artist, stylist and photographer being treated like a celebrity!

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GCSEs and A’Levels don’t open every career door

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The last two weeks have been full of exams news…A’Levels and then GCSEs. The news stories have been the same – exams have got harder, results have got better, live opening of exam results on the breakfast new programmes and Facebook full of happy families or others looking for advice if the results aren’t what they expected.
But these exams don't open all doors...

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The survival of storytelling in a digital revolution


Despite the huge shift in technology, giving us instant news, reactions, trending, posts, tweets, notifications and all the rest, the basic art of storytelling hasn’t changed.

Yes, we do see a lot of rubbish on social media and in the media but a good story still has the same elements it always did.

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