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Xmas wedding

Yes, a strange headline this week but I thought I’d make the main bit of this week’s blog prominent.
If you’re using twitter, then now is the time to start searching these hashtags to find opportunities to get into the national press and influential blogs.

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Is your PR wrapped up for Christmas?

Xmas jingle

It’s a question worth asking at this time of the year…because now’s the time to look at your countdown to Xmas.

Sorry, there it is, I dropped the X-bomb…Xmas. Just a few months away…again…and despite it being the same date every year, people always leave it to the last minute for their shopping, planning and PR!

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PR disaster – how Roxanne’s Pallett comeback went so wrong


For those of you who don’t know, Roxanne Pallett is a TV soap actress, who recently went into the Celebrity Big Brother House.
She ended up in a huge media storm after accusing another housemate of attacking her, using domestic abuse language and references to describe it.
It's probably the biggest PR disaster this year so far...

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