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How to get people over to your exhibition stand - a bowl of pens won't be enough!


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Business Vision Live is just two weeks away and if you haven’t already thought about what your stand will look like, you really ought to be getting a move on!
But don’t just order pens – have a think about what you could do to make your exhibition stand more interesting.

I’m this year’s PR Partner for the show and along with helping to promote the event, I’ll be giving you some top tips on how to make the most of your exhibition stand.

This week, here are some tips on how to dress your stand, attract people over and be noticed!

Bowl of pens:
I’ve been to many exhibitions where stands consist of a pop-up banner and a bowl of pens and I always think that more could be done.
I also think that perhaps the person on the stand wasn’t responsible for dressing it, or they were too busy running their business that they just didn’t fit it in before the show.
Take some time today just to think what you might need and get it ordered – some stuff has a two-week turnaround once you send it off for print so you’ll be cutting it fine!

People love stationery freebies!
Stationery is a staple exhibition freebie and I’m not saying don’t use them – I’m saying don’t just have them on their own.
I’ve got pens on my stand (come and see me on 581!) but they’ve got a little maze in them. I’ve not seen them before and thought they might be fun!
You could also go for pencils or more modern stylus pens too – take a look through the merchandise websites and brochures and see what catches your fancy. But do it asap to make sure that what you order arrives on time!

I’ve got some playing cards and a Rubik’s cube for my stand this year. Nothing to do with PR & Marketing but they will be a bit of fun and an ice-breaker. I’ve got a whiteboard that will turn into a Top Gear-style leaderboard for who can solve the puzzle in the quickest time! I have never, ever completed the cube so will be fascinated to watch others!
The playing cards have Izzy PR written on them and will be used as people want to – but I must warn you that I’m a mean 21’s player!
Games are a really nice way to start and build relationships – plus they are memorable too.

If you have professional videos of your company, have them playing on a screen – your stand will look great and people can watch what you do easily and then ask you more questions.

I’ve ordered a large jar of lemon sherbets for my stand and hope people will walk past and help themselves!
You can order large jars online plus you can also get branded sweets and cupcakes made too! My favourite place to get these is The Egg Free Cake Box – give my good friend Shelinder Bhurji a ring to place your order…he can turn them around on the day for you! (Strood/Maidstone/Gravesend shops)

One way to get people over is to have a competition with a great prize! Again, mine is nothing to do with my work but I have chosen three great Kentish prizes.
My top prize is a £75 voucher to spend at The Plough, Langley. I’ve also got some Biddenden wine and some chocolates from Madame Oiseau in Canterbury.
Pop your card in the box and you’ll be in with the chance of winning!

Flyers, postcards, business cards brochures – have them all ready to have out to your prospects! Make sure they’re updated and have all the information you need in them.

If your business lends itself to this, give away samples so that people can try your product – there’s no better advertising!

Of course, your sparkling conversation will be a winner but think about what else you could offer to make your stand interactive. Get people to join in, bring others over to you and simply, not walk by!

Enjoy your show – see you there!