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Apostrophes - the difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts 

Valentines 002

Yes, just one missing apostrophe can change the whole meaning of a sentence – so make sure you use them!

Valentine’s Day is this week and I have already lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it written incorrectly.
It’s on cards, on pub chalk boards, even in print sometimes – without the apostrophe!
It’s needed because it’s possessive – the day is attributed to Valentine, so therefore as it’s his day, it’s Valentine’s day.

Just like this is Sarah’s blog, on Izzy PR’s website – possessive apostrophes to the ready here too!
I spend my life accidentally editing everything I read – posters, signs, menus, emails, letters, street signs…it’s ridiculous!

Yes, a bit tragic but that’s what 20 years in journalism does for you – my eye is trained to seek out rogue apostrophes, commas in the wrong places and dodgy spellings!

But it’s not just in February when I’m tortured by missing apostrophes – it’s all year round!
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Easter Bunnies (not bunny’s)
April Fools’ Day (because there’s more than one fool…so it’s plural)
Season’s Greetings (I had several cards this year without the apostrophe!)

So…pop it in and if you’re not sure, look it up on the Oxford or Chambers dictionary!

If writing just isn’t your thing, it’s very much mine so get in touch and I’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you, with the apostrophes in the right place!