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Why using jargon could lose you sales

Jargon 002

If you’re talking to the masses, you need to use clear language in your PR and marketing.

There’s no point in popping in the technical terms – your audience won’t know what you’re talking about…unless they’re reading a specialist publication.

In general PR though, stick to the basics, because in real life, jargon is an isolator and when people see it PR & marketing, it can put them off.

We’ve all had a conversation with someone and they spout out the acronyms at you. I either very quickly glaze over or let them know I have no clue what the IPV is, what the ABC’s got to do with it or why I need to know about the ICT thingy.

For me, if I have to look stuff up or try and work out an acronym or abbreviation, I’m put off. I feel like I’m on the back foot and I’m not interested, I’ll go elsewhere – where they talk to me in words I can understand!

Regular culprits of using jargon are estate agents, IT firms and recruitment people – arghh!

The idea of PR & marketing is to keep your audience engaged and you won’t if you talk in jargon!

If you struggle to talk in plain English, do let me know. I’ve got Police and NHS experience behind me and their favourite game to play is buzzword bingo!