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Why your story is your PR super power


No PR was ever based on just a new shop opening, or another retailer of an already out there product. The best stories are always about the people – because we all have an element of ‘Big Brother’ in us. Who are they, how are they different to us, how did they get here and what are they like?

It’s National Storytelling Week until February 2nd – can you think of a way to put your story across?

You could use social media, your blog, speak about it at networking when you meet people and also find out their story.
Longer-term, you could try to gain some editorial on relevant websites or publications – profile pieces, meet the business or business advice-type editorials.

I love to ask people their story - it’s one of my favourite questions when I meet people – whether in business or outside…my husband always tells me to chat with people at weddings and not interrogate! But the journalist in me wants their life story…and I’ve collected up some fabulous ones over the years through news reporting, at weddings (a few family secrets spilled to me!) on planes and heard some celebrity secrets along the way – hush hush!

People love to be asked their story, are often keen to give it and always want to hear someone else’s – so tell it in your PR!

Remember the golden rules of structure though – to make sure you cover everything!


These are the basics of any news story and will provide the backbone it needs too. Remember to add something people don’t know about you, a little bit of claim to fame stuff, a sprinkle of triumph over adversity, tragedy and rising from the ashes stuff and your story will be un-put-downable!

If you struggle to find something interesting in your own story or can’t easily write about yourself like many of my clients do, get in touch.

I spent 10 years on a local newspaper, sometimes writing a whole story out of just a few tit bits – I literally can write something from nothing!

Happy writing!