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National Technology Day -  apps that make marketing easier.


National Technology Day was yesterday, so in honour of it, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite apps!

There’s an app for everything these days – banking, shopping, paperless bills, turning on the lights, turning off the heating, turning off the iPad remotely (a friend’s fave with her kids when they won’t switch off…!)…

Whatever industry you’re in, problem you want to solve or time you want to save, there is an app for it!

In my industry, I use apps to help with marketing, because there really are some fab ones out there to make your marketing look great, on social media and print too.

Here are the ones I love and use each week to make my pix look good, professional and more interesting!

Pic Collage:
pic collage

A quick and easy app to make collages from your phone pictures. You can mess about with layout, backgrounds, colours and filters to bring individual pictures together to create some really nice imagery for your social media and even print too.


This turns images into a fancy slideshow. I use it a lot, probably too much but every time I do, people love it. I’ve done it for clients and at home too – nights out, Xmas, holidays – it’s a great tool to use to turn photos into something more interesting.

We Transfer:
This app is simply to transfer large files to someone via a link. Remember the days when you sent huge files to someone’s inbox and then not only did you blow theirs up, but you blocked yours too before it was deleted from sent then the deleted box? We transfer avoids all of that – you just upload all your pix to the app and it emails a link for the recipient to access…minus all the email inbox hassle!

This is another images app, to allow you to show off a few photos at a time using pre-set templates. You can add text, your logo and there are some filters too. Play around with it and see what you can come up with!

content cal

This is a content scheduler, which can be used to help manage your social media accounts. It allows you to schedule to several different timelines, on different accounts (for me, I use it for my clients) and it keeps all your content. It doesn’t just disappear when it’s been posted like other schedulers – it stays there, so if you want to re-purpose that content later on, you can simply duplicate it, update it and re-schedule. It’s also got some great tools including note-making to remind you to post certain things, and also an approve system so that if you need to, you can approve the posts. Great if you have a junior or someone new with you, just in those early days to check content and messaging etc.


This is a great one to have on your phone, because you can keep up with LinkedIn wherever you are. Just a little glance when you have a few moments and you can comment, like, share and post, or reply to messages easily.

Wave inv

This is one I use for my invoicing and it’s been a lifesaver! It’s made my invoicing look smarter, takes me less time and gives me instant info on who owes what etc.


Another one for pictures. This comes with loads of templates so you can create something that looks professionally designed quickly and easily – but only if you stay within the template! It’s already done all the fonts, spacing and colours etc so you only have to update a few bits and your image is ready to use!

Gif toaster:

This is really nifty and the newest one I’m using! You can turn images into GIFS – and you can really have some fun with it to create some original ones.

My advice is to think about what you want to achieve, then see what apps there are out there, try them out and see which ones suit you best.