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The 12 days of Xmas could be your golden goose


I’ve written a few blogs now about jumping onto seasonal themes to make your marketing fresh and current.
Christmas is a great time to do it – and with the 12 Days of Christmas as a theme, it could be the perfect time to do it if you haven’t tried it before.
Here’s how you could use your 12 days, which you can promote via social media, emails, texts, flyers or posters if you’ve got a venue.

A new offer for each of the 12 days. This could be a freebie, a discount or offer – the aim being to attract customers who then become regular or word of mouth referrals for you.

It depends what your budget is, but you could run a small competition each day, or be a bit clever and run one across the 12 days with the last day being the final chance to enter or the final piece of info they need. A bit like the old fashioned ‘collect 12 tokens’ – either online or offline!
If you do it on social media then you have a really great chance of having your content shared to audiences beyond your own.

You’ve got 12 days here to offer your expertise to really show what you know and give them a hand – and using some seasonal language will add a nice touch.

A gift that keeps giving:
Consider offering something than promises continued discounts throughout the year if they purchase from you at Christmas time.

Showcase your services:
You don’t need to have 12 products to showcase them – if you’ve got less, find ways to showcase them in a few different ways and if you have more, try to theme them together to make 12 opportunities.

It’s not just about the sales – it’s a great time to say thank-you to your customers for their business and support throughout the year.

Mr Scrooge:
Not everyone loves tinsel and mince pies so don’t overlook these customers – offer them something else that’s not Christmas-related.