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Xmas wedding

Yes, a strange headline this week but I thought I’d make the main bit of this week’s blog prominent.
If you’re using twitter, then now is the time to start searching these hashtags to find opportunities to get into the national press and influential blogs.

Gift guides are put together by journalists and bloggers using themes – kids’ presents, gifts for him/her/the dog/hard to buy for/luxury/secret Santa/stocking fillers/outfits etc.
If you’ve got a brilliant product, you should be using this hashtag to look for opportunities. Services and experiences too – hotels, Xmas nights, ideas for presents etc.

Plus products and services that tie into Christmas or even the new year too – oven cleaning, a chef to give leftover recipes, charities looking for unwanted gifts etc!

Before you start to dish out your freebies though, check what you’re getting back in return. If it’s being printed, check the circulation, the space you’re getting and the target audience. If the readers/listeners aren’t your potential clients, it could be a waste of time!

Make sure they include your contact details, and include it on their social media too.
I’ve come across a lot of bloggers who are basically people looking for a load of freebies – again, check what they do for you in return for their freebie – will it go into a blog, their newsletter, onto their socials…with a photo or without? Will they charge extra to add your website in? Many have ‘packages’ where you basically have to pay to make it worth your while.
I’m not a big fan of bloggers personally – some have their place but cyberspace is flooded with bloggers who can’t write for toffee but are happy to see the postman every day with an armful of free stuff!

Having said all of that, you may find a gem of an opportunity but you will have to wade through a fair amount of rubbish to find that diamond in the rough!

Happy hashtag hunting!