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Are you using your LinkedIn to build your business?

Belated Happy Easter! I hope you all had a nice time, had a few days off and got to relax!

Throughout the last two months, I’ve been asked several times to help with people’s LinkedIn profiles.
And I’m glad they came to me for help because they now have great profiles that are clear, concise and consistent with their other online channels and information.

Not only have I helped to improve their profiles but these clients are using LinkedIn much more, now they are confident with how they look.
LinkedIn is a great indicator of who people are and what skills they have but if your LinkedIn isn’t written well, people won’t know how skilled and experienced you are – and so will be less likely to recommend and endorse you.
Improve your LinkedIn and watch your network grow! It’s your online reputation and potentially a first impression so get it right!

LinkedIn 1-1:

I’ve worked with several clients to talk them through how to use LinkedIn, given them tips and guidance on how to get the best out of it.
Some truly were very confused by it but after just a short time into our sessions, they were understanding it and by the end, were confidently using it.
It was quicker for them to meet with me for a couple of hours – in their office, one at home and a few at coffee shops, to relax, learn and get going on it, than it was to try and find time and get to grips with it at home.
During these sessions I also re-write their summary piece, improve their overall profile, usually change the photos and add a business page where necessary.

Merge duplicate accounts:
Some of my clients had several accounts for various reasons and so I merged them using the quick and easy merge function on LinkedIn, within the account settings.
You just have to decide which one to keep and which to get rid of, tell it to merge them and it saves all of your contacts into the one you’re keeping.
It looks so much more professional to have just one account! And it’ll save you time as all your connections will be in one place!

This is the most important part – and so many of my clients and people I talk to about LinkedIn aren’t finding the time to connect with the people they’re meeting. But you really need to – because not only does LinkedIn then become a kind of business contacts book, but it means you can keep abreast of what your new connections are doing, find ways to interact with them, help them, refer people to them and build relationships that could help your own business in the future.
I give all of my workshop clients some simple but very useful tips on how and why to connect with people they meet!

Improve LinkedIn sections:
It’s worth spending some time updating all of your sections – to make sure it’s all up to date. As part of this, you can also ask for recommendations and endorsements from people – which then lets others know what you’re good at and who thinks it. Another great way of showing new connections your expertise.

What to do next:
Contact me to book a 1-1 session to improve your profile and get some great tips on how to use it, or ask me to get your profile the best it can be via my appraisal service.