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I’m taking a week off – and I need it!

It’s hard to take any time off when you’re self-employed and on your own, but this week, I’m going to do it!

It’s half term, I’ve got my parents visiting from abroad and my daughter is off school. I’ve spent the last two weeks working really hard – not only getting existing client work done but meeting new ones and taking on more work.

But…I am very good at prioritising and run my workload in list fashion, putting it all in an order and then happily ticking it off as I go.

I just wanted to write a short blog for when I’m away, to share with you the reasons why I’m taking a week off – knowing that there is no-one back at the office taking care of it all!

I need a rest. When you work for yourself, especially in the early days where I am now, there’s only you doing everything and the brain goes a little bit to much when it’s flicking between admin, client work, home life then back again!

Family time
I’ve spent a fair few evenings working, so need to put the laptop away and speak to my husband! He’s watched rubbish TV whilst I’ve been doing it though, so it’s not all bad for him!

When you are employed, you have a number of days allocated to use up for your holidays. It’s a target – you want to use them all up or you could lose them! In self-employment land, when you’re off, you don’t get paid and no-one picks up your work when you’re not there.

I’m going to come back refreshed and ready to go again…aren’t I?!

See you in a week!