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Why do you need a marketing goal?

What are your marketing goals? Do you have any?

Marketing can of course be never ending, we all know that, but each part of your marketing should have a goal. It needs a destination so the journey there can be planned.

Here are a few ideas of goals you may have:

Sales – is your marketing and PR needed to drive sales? If it is, then the messages, images and timing need to be tailored towards that.

Exposure – do you just want to get your face or company out there, be more well-known and seen by more people?

People to know who you are – do you want the business community to know your face, what you do and how you can help them?

Be an industry expert – do you want to be the go-to authority in your industry? Do you want to be the one the media call upon for comment, or who other business people refer to you for your knowledge, skills and expertise?

Focus on new service/product – are you launching a product or service? This needs a carefully planned marketing strategy to incorporate various marketing methods – all of which need to tie in together and be consistent, plus fully targeted.

And that’s it for today – do get in touch if you want any more information or help with identifying or reaching your marketing goals.