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When did you last look at your website?

Hands up who has looked at their website recently.

If you have, well done, but if you haven’t, then I’d really like you to take a look this week. It won’t take long and here’s what you’re looking for:

Branding – is your branding consistent on your website with your social media online presence as well as your offline presence (sign-written vans etc)?
If it’s not, then you’re confusing your customers.

Have you got one website per business? I’ve seen quite a few lately where people have added on a second business to an existing website and it just doesn’t work. It’s confusing and because each business is usually branded a little (or a lot) differently, it really does just look messy and confusing.

Is it up-to-date? Is the ‘About’ section still relevant? Is it all still current? Is it written in the present tense? I recently worked on a website that had been written before the service was launched – three years ago, so it talked about what they were going to do, how fab it was going to be and to keep a look out for all the latest etc. But the company is now very successful but just hadn’t updated the website to tell people that – very confusing!

Do all your links work? One of my most annoying habits is clicking on social media links on websites. And I can tell you that a high number either don’t work, or take you to Facebook, for example, in general. It’s not actually set up to take you to the business’s Facebook page. And so there’s not much point in having it at all!

You also have to think about this for all links throughout the website – do all hyperlinks take you to where you need to be or do you get the dreaded 404 error?! These pages are wasted and don’t give a good impression.

Are your images good quality and relevant? Take a look and if they’re not, there are many free image websites you can use to update, but of course, booking a professional photographer to create a library for you would be a great idea.

Contacts – please please please make sure these are up to date! You don’t want someone wanting to contact you but not being able to!

Get checking – it doesn’t take long and if you need some changes made but don’t have the time, get someone else to do it for you.