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Izzy tips - a little job each week to keep your PR & Marketing ticking over

One of my goals for 2018 is to get into blogging and vlogging and with the help of a few people along the way, here is my first one.

My aim each week is to give you a few Marketing & PR tips that are quick and easy to do. They will be things for you to think about, do very quickly and will help make your business look just that little bit more professional.

What my musings won’t be, is making you feel bad about what you’re doing or not doing – I read quite a few along this theme in 2017!

We’re all doing our best and lots of us are probably thinking we could or need to do more but just don’t have time.

My aim is to simply give you a few bits and pieces you can do in any snippet of down time you get, or of course but more unlikely, dedicate a whole day to it. Train journeys, passenger in a car, waiting in a queue, or just putting an hour aside to take a look at what I’m talking about. You can do quite a bit in one of these gaps!

I’ll be starting off next week with some social media tips, then moving onto websites and general PR & Marketing after that, but if there is something you particularly want me to talk about, just let me know in the comments or via private message.

My one tip for this week, just to start us off is to get a wall year planner. You can use it to plan all of your marketing content including social media, website updates, marketing pushes and PR. It may seem very simple but I literally swear by them for each of my clients – because I do like a visual!
Valentine's Day is a month away, so if your business can benefit from a boost off the back of it, start planning your marketing now!

And of course, if you really don’t have time for your PR & Marketing – even these quick snippets, do consider outsourcing your PR.
Please contact me if I can help you at all – my assessment ‘Where’s your PR at?’ is a great place to start.

Have a great week – good luck!